Friday, October 4, 2013

Ups and downs

So lately I've really struggled with some depressed moods but more than that bad anxiety attacks :/ 
On some new meds and going to see a new doctor soon should hopefully figure out what's up.

Honestly I am feeling better but working out again and getting my body back is helping alot. Seriously self image effects me SO much, I wish it didn't but it does so here's hoping for a good night as its my hubby's birthday !

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Everything in working order

Other than being tragically sick with strep throat and bronchitis a few days ago my week has gone quite well.
Finally with Jenny's help and a hardware upgrade from best buy my World of Warcraft is back up and running wonderfully!! It is quite amazing what a little extra RAM can do for functionality ;)

So while being off work for my sickness I have completely gotten back into the game, I missed it more than I thought I did... Of course that's after I remembered how to freaking play! 6 years without being in-game a lot has changed! 

I don't care what anyone says having an outlet like the outdoors, horses or even a game like WoW can release tension and help you forget about the day to day dramas and troubles, it is an outlet for me and one in which I can be whatever or whomever I like ;).
Now if I could get Robert to try it haha 

Friday, September 6, 2013

World of Warcraft

Since my 6 + year hiatus from the massive online game I've decided to join and start anew! 
So last night while I'm at home sick from strep throat and bronchitis ... Ain't no body got time for that! I chose to begin the task if downloading the change onto my current computer... Alas this was no small feat!
When I had played the game before you popped in a disk waiting for hours as the patching went to work but then finally logged on and played... Well no more! I popped in said disk and then made new battlenet account ( now required) and waited... After a night of horrid log in issues I called blizzard the next day and spoke with "Jason" who helped me solve all those issues and assured me I was close to playing... O.o well what happened you ask?
At 30% completion my computer popped up a window saying corrupted file D: what?! So I called again and spoke with "amber" who went through a checklist and quickly found that by using the disks I was royally fucked! Oh joy but to my delight she said wipe the computer clean from WoW and then download a digital version (allegedly faster) and be playing within the hour, it was 3:05 pm. :/ ok I say and follow her instructions and also find if my friend sends *the scroll of resurrection * we both get huge wonderful in game bonuses ... Yay 

So I have Jenny do this, and accept and am pleased with the benefits we will both receive ... Eventually damnit
At 4:05 pm my download is not complete and I see my account says in big red letters :canceled WELL WTF! >:( 
I quickly call again (third time) and speak with "johnnie" who assures me that it's only because I'm under the new 7 day free trial and it will go away once I'm subscribed after that :/ ok.
At 6:20 my download is at 5% yes that's right fucking 5! But I suppose I should just be happy that I will get to play soon...
But am thankful for the nice support from blizzard employees who had to deal with my 190 questions :) 

So I type this ... Still waiting to join Jenny in Azeroth and to collect my damn pandas hopefully this will speed up and I will be playing shortly ;) 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The clone wars

Okay so in  the news lately Dr. Greg vena-douc-bag of timber Creek veterinary clinic decided to sue AQHA To register his little cloned horses...

Despite all doubts and fears he actually pulled it off and won the suit >:(

So now with his little victory behind him him and Mr. Abraham a local rancher have been getting with the local news media to brag about their win and text to people why cloning is such a wonderful idea and why all AQHA members have to suffer the fact that clone horses can now enter the registry until AQHA Wins an appeal *more rage*
So why and how does he justify his little $250,000 dollar venture? By stating simply  " it's just like French fries, those are clones and nobody cares..."
Excuse me but What the fuck does that even mean or justify your cloning horses?!? 
Wars are being ragged over horses being sent in and out of country for slaughter as the number of unwanted horses has become so large that rescue groups can no longer house them, so why add to it even more?
Another claim made by tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb is that they can eliminate the use of euthanasia because the horses will be more hardy... Excuse me but I don't care if you wrap the damn things in bubble wrap, they are horses which means they will break legs, hurt themselves in theist impossible ways and colic on nothing so don't tell me that a cloned horse will be better or live longer that simply cannot be controlled or engineered!

Bettering the breed through selection combinations, that is what AQHA has and will always stand for in the hopes of making better more hardy horses for future generations. A horse in the thoroughbred world, secretariat, what if they would have just cloned good horses before he was born? Would there have ever been such an awesome horse? 
Cloning may have a benefit here and there but it needs to stay out of horse registries and out of the show ring! 

If he wants to register and show his little cloned horses why not make his own special little registry and have a great time at it!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome back body drama

So I was doing so well with my body, where I was in fitness and my body goals.... Then the wretched knee problem took me out of running for a couple months, I gained 7 lbs but it seems like 20! Wtf!

So here I go again wtf I'm so mad at myself. Why can't I just be who I vision in my head and be DONE with it!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Healing in more ways than one

So my knee issue which turned severe in May is finally manageable to the point I can workout and RUN again! Only need to lose the 7 lbs I gained from not running in 2 months, suppose it could have been worse though.

Feeling happier and more like myself since I can run and get outside! 
And of course my sweet horses, I love them all but since Honey was born its like everything is complete, she's my dream horse and miracle baby, she and I are going to do things I've always wanted to do with my own horse! Her training has started and she is just over a month old and growing like a weed. Hot rod has done a wonderful job with her, I couldn't be more proud of either of them! Plus I've been riding Benny who is doing great and really turning into a great riding horse.

So healing physically and even more so spiritually plus the pounds are coming off nicely which is a good boost for a weight obsessed me :) so all in all this year has only gotten better as the days go by. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Little horse prints

After our short vacation I couldn't wait to get back out to my horses!
I rode Hot Rod for the first time in a couple of months which allowed Honey to exercise and me and Hot Rod to get back in touch!
After the ride Honey had another halter lesson which she quickly decided that meant the lead rope needed to be eaten and was much more fun that halter practice :) 
I just adore my horses and feel so blessed to have them, little Honey is growing like a weed and is now almost 3 weeks old.